Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just in Case

Just in case you forgot my name, it is on my shirt today! I have been playing with my hands a lot recently...I've also been sticking them in my mouth. Yum. Love, Anna

Nothing New

Not much is going on here...I have nothing to report. Which I guess is good for us, but boring for the blog. After a few great nights (all nighters of sleep) from Anna, she is regressing a little bit, which is to be expected. The last couple of nights she has been up once around the 3-4am time frame. Last night she was up at 130am, 6am, and then at 730am for the day. Wow, I am tired today!

We continue our search for a nanny. So far we have interviewed 5 gals, and we have two more this week. Everyone is very nice, but it is very difficult to make a decision based on a 'getting to know you' interview which only lasts one hour. One of the gals is coming back over this afternoon to spend a little more time with Anna and I, so I am excited about that. Going back to work is going to be extremely hard, so if I can just find someone who will help to make that transition smoother at home... I will be very grateful.
Here is a picture of Anna chilling with Matt after our Thanksgiving meal.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

You're so vain

Anna has discovered her image in the mirror, I am sure that we won't be able to keep her away from it in a few years!


Thank you to Grandma Claudia for a new hat in Anna's collection: the marshmallow hat!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Favorite Things

I try to watch a few minutes of Oprah every day...and if the subject is horrible or boring, I just turn it off. But today I had to watch the entire show because it was her "favorite things" episode. She basically shows off all of the things that she thinks are awesome and then gives one of each away to each audience member. Obviously it is a HOT ticket, which is why she keeps the taping of it top secret! I can't believe all of the loot that people walked away with today...camcorders, mixers, refrigerators, environmentally friendly cleaning products, watches, soaps, target gift cards...the list goes on and on! It kind of surprises me that these companies just donate all of these free items to her show, but on the other hand I think about all of the business it must create. People listen to Oprah, and what she endorses... people buy. Smart move for companies like Williams Sonoma, Target, LG, etc. Anyways, it was fun to watch and I only lusted after a few of the giveaways!

Here is one of my favorite things...Anna wearing a jumper and tights for the first time today, so fun! PS. Anna slept until 520am this morning! Matt had to check on her just to make sure everything was okay.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Update

Matt and I were both out of town this weekend, but we were not together. Matt headed to Decatur for the much anticipated annual "Deer Camp" I think that he had a pretty good time... but I personally do not think that sitting in the woods for hours and hours everyday is fun. He'll have to tell more about the weekend on another post.

Anna, Lilly, and I went to Crystal Lake for the weekend. We had a great time hanging out and shopping with both Grandpa Ken and Grandma Dee. We were able to visit with several family friends where we introduced Anna...I think that everyone really liked her! What's not to like, right?

Well, the holidays are upon us, and that means that returning to work is imminent for me. We have stepped up our childcare search in a major way within the past week. I must say that leaving her is going to be very difficult, I have already cried about it! I'll keep you posted on our options and what we decide.

Here is a picture from this morning...for those of you who need an Anna fix.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Aaaawwwwww, Sisters Forever

Lilly laid down next to Anna today, and I couldn't resist capturing the moment. I PROMISE, I didn't pose them for this picture.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


We went to Peoria this was a last minute decision. Matt was invited to go pheasant hunting on Saturday with his dad and brother Nick, and he couldn't refuse the opportunity. Anna and I had a great time shopping with Grandma Claudia while the boys were gone. (we found a perfect Christmas dress!) All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend and so much fun to take Anna to P-town for the first time!
PS. Anna LOVES her Imaginarium, check out the photo above.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dear MOM

Please don't make me eat from a bottle or try formula again. I will spit it out and laugh in your face.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Thanks to the Hunt's who told us about their new Netflix subscription, we just enrolled in the program on their recommendation. This is how it works: #1. you pay a small monthly fee #2. you go online and pick out movies that you would like to see and place them onto a list. #3. Netflix sends you movies from your list with a prepaid return envelope. How easy is that? For Matt and I, Netflix is a great way to receive, watch, and return movies. (we don't have a lot of time to run out and actually pick up the movies) I especially like that I am not standing in the video store trying to remember 'that movie' that I really wanted to see. Plus our Friday and Saturday nights have been very low key lately, so this is a fun way to have a little "date" at home every once in a while.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My little porker

Anna had her 6 week doctor appointment today. She received two shots, no crying! She is weighing in at 11lbs, 3oz. This puts her in the 95% for her age, wowzers!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Look what I can do!

Well, to be honest she has been able to do this for a couple of weeks now. I have just gotten around to taking of picture of it today.

Bee Movie

Obviously I have been spending a lot of time at home recently, and therefore...I have been watching a lot of daytime TV. Well, Jerry Seinfeld has been on every single show talking about his new movie. Oprah, Regis and Kelly, The View, Ellen. The more I see him, the more I think this movie might be pretty cute. I guess all that publicity has worked it's magic on me.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Night Out

A very big thanks to my mom who came downtown last night. She babysat for Anna while Matt and I went out for dinner. (I swear, this was her idea...she called me last week to offer her services) We had a great time at one of our favorite places in the city, Mia Francesca. We ordered the works: drinks, an appetizer, dinner and TWO desserts... oh my, it was SO good. Two funny things happened while we were out. #1, I got carded at the bar when we sat down for a drink. hehehe. #2, I don't know how many of you have been to this restaurant, but let me set the scene: noisy and crowded. There is one big long bench along the entire length of the restaurant and skinny tables are pulled up. So, one person sits on the bench and the other sits in a chair opposite. Make sense? Okay, well, these two larger sized people were seated next to us...and they sat on the same side of the table! Both on the bench! Matt and I couldn't believe our eyes, needless to say that my space was compromised considerably. Mia is just not the restaurant to do this at! (no restaurant is the place to do this at!) We got the giggles, and it was hard to concentrate on the rest of our meal, but we managed to have a great time anyway.

On another note, Anna had a rough night once we got home. I prepared my mom some formula to feed to Anna while we were out, and she barfed it all up a couple of hours later. My poor baby! This is the second or third time that she has ralphed after eating formula, so obviously this particular kind does not agree with her little tummy. She has a routine Dr appt scheduled for this Wednesday, so I am going to ask for another kind to try with her. I hope we have more success, because I can't nurse her exclusively forever!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Baby Crazy

People are baby crazy. I can't go anywhere anymore without having at least one person come up to me and make a comment about Anna. How old is she? What is her name? It is a lot of fun, but at the same time I am starting to feel what it might be like to be a paparazzi stalked celebrity!
I don't think that Matt realized how people gravitate towards babies until we went to the mall last weekend. We were standing in line at Banana Republic and this lady came up to admire Anna. She asked about 10 questions, gave some suggestions (even though we didn't ask for any) and then started gushing about how her 'baby' is getting married. She assumed that going to the mall was our first big adventure out of the house, wished us luck and a happy afternoon. I kept my mouth shut about the trip to Denver...boy that would have shocked her!
On Tuesday, I took the bus downtown with my dad and we met a family friend for lunch. Anna was in the Baby Bjorn and very happy. On the way home I sat down next to an elderly lady who immediately started looking at Anna. I knew she wanted to ask questions, but it took her a few minutes to get the nerve. She finally asked 'boy or girl?' and then 'how old?' I told her Anna is one month. She started shaking her head and muttering 'so young, so young.' She obviously did not approve that I was out and about town! The funniest part was when I was searching through my bag for something and my hair untucked from behind my kind of was hanging in Anna's face a little bit...and the elderly lady started brushing my hair out of the face of the baby and put it behind my shoulder! Good thing she was there to help me out, hehehe.