Monday, December 31, 2007

Let's go Hoosiers!

Good luck to the IU Hoosiers as they take on Oklahoma State at the Insight Bowl in Tempe, AZ tonight. Our future Hoosier, Anna, wishes you the best!


My dad took Matt and I to see this movie when it was out in the theaters this fall. We were recently talking about it again because it just came out on DVD, and I think my dad summed it up best: "I don't know why this movie is so important or why it is so special, all I know is that everyone should see this movie." I can't agree more! Go rent this, put it on your Netflix queue, or buy it with the Best Buy gift card that you received for Christmas. I promise, you will love the movie too.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Card Etiquette

Okay, I have a hypothetical question about Christmas cards for all you out there... What do you do when you receive a card from someone who is not on your list? Do you quickly send out a card in return? Do you add them to your list for next year's distribution? What if you receive the card so close to Christmas (or after Christmas) that it would be completely obvious if you sent a card in return...that it would be because you received one from them? Or are people just happy to receive cards no matter what (like me!!!) that you don't give a hoot if it is just because they received one from you... hhhmmm.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for making my first Christmas so very special and memorable! I love all of my new clothes and toys, and I can't wait to make good use of everything. Love, Anna

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Being a princess is hard work

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We started off celebrating in Peoria over the weekend. Christmas Eve was just the four of us (Lilly too). Anna did a great job in church for Christmas Eve mass...she slept the entire time. We woke this morning to find that Santa had stopped at our house! My parents came to our house today for gift exchanging and a great meal.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This is what I try to avoid from happening everyday... I am just not always successful!

First Day

Today was my first day of work, and it went very well. I think that yesterday was a lot harder for me versus today, emotionally speaking. It's like getting a shot, the anticipation is much worse than the actual prick. Not to say that I didn't shed any tears today...I did!...but only in the car on the way to the office. Once I got there, I was fine. It was nice to see old friends and get back into the swing of things. A few clients even got wind that I was back in the office and emailed to say 'welcome back', that's nice!

Remember when you were a kid, and your parents would make you take a picture on the first day of school each year? Well, see above....first day back to work. Our new friend Jessica is in one of the pictures too. She doesn't officially start until after the first of the new year, but she was able to help us out today. A big thanks to Jessica for 'fielding' my phone calls to home today. (I called three times) It seems like she and Anna had a great day together!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I captured these images of Anna this morning. She does a pretty good job of sitting on the couch with support, but she crashes over a lot too!

Well, today is my last day at home and it is certainly bittersweet. I am trying to take in as much of Anna as possible...of course it will never be 'enough.' My heart is heavy and my eyes are watery but my mind is at ease. I know that tomorrow will be tough for both Matt and myself. I'll be sure to write about my first day back on the job tomorrow night (or the next day if I am super exhausted)

ps, I have been a little worried about the lack of incoming Christmas cards. I've been thinking that one of two things could be, everyone is sending their cards out a little late this year or two, we got bumped from people's lists. I am happy to report that we received 7 cards in the mail today. Christmas card jackpot!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Almost Bumbo

I thought that I would try out the Bumbo chair this weekend since Anna has been sitting great with our assistance. The chair recommends that baby is able to hold up their head unaided and with confidence, and Anna meets that requirement too. But I think she kind of looks a little slumped over, so I think that we will wait a few more weeks and try the seat again.


Poor Lilly, I have so much fun at her expense. Doesn't she look mortified in these pictures? She wouldn't even look at me for the second one. (yes, this is Anna's big bow on Lilly's head)

Friday, December 14, 2007

My Girls

I love them both...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Cookies

My dad came downtown today and we tackled the daunting task of making Christmas cookies. Cutouts are so awesome, but they require so much work...I think that we were both happy to have a cookie making buddy! We each made a batch of dough beforehand, so today we rolled, cut, baked and decorated. It was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rock N Roll

She rolled over! Last night we were doing a little tummy time, and Anna rolled over from her tummy to her back...and I thought it was an accident. We practiced again this morning, and she did it twice in a row. Matt hadn't left for work yet, so he got to see it for himself. We were both pretty excited, and Anna looked a little shocked herself! Here she is practicing last night before she debuted the new trick.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Hills

Okay, is anyone else super bummed about The Hills season finale last night? I mean, it was boring, and nothing fun happpened. The previews from last week already told the entire story! Heidi is going home to think about things regarding Spencer, Whitney is invited to go to Paris again and then so is Lauren. (big surprise) Audrina hardly even made the episode. And the aftershow was pointless. The 'big announcement' is that there is going to be another season? I could have told you that! The big announcement should have been about how Lauren and Brody are madly in that would have made my night!

Monday, December 10, 2007


I finally received the JC Penney pictures via email. Here is a little sampling.

Daddy's Girl

Dear Dad, I love you! Love, Anna

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Left or Right?

Remember that I posted a few days ago about how Anna is playing with and sucking on her hands a lot? Well, I have noticed that she seems to be sucking on her left hand most of the time...hhhhmmmmmm. I have no idea at what age the lefty/righty preference develops, but could this be an early indication? PS. there are a lot of "lefty's" in my family.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Yesterday was a big day! Anna and I headed off to a doctor appointment for her right after lunch. She is doing great, and Dr. Starr was very impressed with Anna's strength and physical movement. She weighs 12lbs and 13oz now, which puts her in the 80%, and she is in the 90% for length and head circumference! Matt and I certainly have a growing girl on our hands. Each time we have been to the doctor, Matt has taken a picture of us. He couldn't come with us yesterday, so we did our best attempt at a self portrait.

Last night we went out to celebrate Matt's birthday with friends. It was a lot of fun because we did a "tasting menu"... so we paid a flat fee per person and they just keep bringing out dishes to pass and share. I think that we had 6 courses over all! It was fantastic food and we all had plenty to eat.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hip Hip Horray!

Three cheers for Anna who slept from 830pm to 445am. YES. Finally, a break from the recent streak she has been on. (waking at 1am and 4am and 7am) It felt so awesome to get a solid stretch of sleep... I didn't even care that I was soaked from neck to waist in milk when I woke up at 445am!

On Tuesday we took Anna to JC Penny for a picture session. They turned out pretty good, and as soon as I get an email with the pictures, I'll try to post them. I really wanted to capture her image before I go back to work in a few weeks. The three of us went out for dinner after our trip to the mall. It was the first time that we took Anna to a restaurant by ourselves. We have been out before, but it is usually with a big group of family...and our family has helped us a lot so that we could actually eat. Well, we had great success. She slept thru most of the meal and then sat on my lap for the remainder. We also got our first big snow that evening. The above pictures were taken that night.

On Wednesday our new friend Jessica came over to visit. Jessica will be watching Anna full time when I go back to work. She is totally great, and I am so comfortable with her. She knows exactly how to take care of Anna and how to hold her. (which all of the applicants did NOT know how to hold a baby, can you imagine that?) I can just tell that she loves to be here with Anna. Finding Jessica has been a huge relief for Matt and I, as you can probably guess...childcare is totally stressful.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Anna received this super cute headband with bow over the weekend. We tried it on last night and I don't think she really liked it, so we tried it again this morning. The magnitude of the bow protruding out of the headband is hilarious, it's amazing it doesn't weigh her down!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Surprise! Happy 30th Matt!

I've been keeping this secret all week, and I finally get to talk about it. Anna and I and the Hunt's drove down to Decatur for the day to surprise Matt for his birthday. Claudia helped to organize a birthday brunch for Matt and it went off without a hitch! He had no idea that we were there and when he saw us all he was totally surprised and really happy. It was so much fun! I figured that I should do a little something special since this is such and big and important birthday for him...the BIG 3-0. Happy Birthday Matt!
Although his birthday isn't until tomorrow, December 3rd, this brunch kicks off a week long celebration. A few of Matt's buddies from college are coming into town next weekend to help him celebrate even more. There is going to be a lot of sports to watch, beers to drink, and fun to have!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

When Daddy's Away...

...the girls will play...from 4-6am. Anna had a ROUGH night last night, and we were up for several hours. I hope this trend ends as quickly as it started! Matt is deer hunting this weekend in Decatur, so he is missing out on the night time party. Lucky.