Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Clean Sweep

This is what happens when a 1 year old is left to entertain herself.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Anna!

It's certainly hard to believe that Anna is turning one today. I have a hard time remembering how I was feeling last year at this time. Exhausted, excited, proud, overwhelmed, blissful. Most certainly it must have been a combination of all of those feelings. But enough reminiscing...Here are a few pictures from her 'one year' portraits. Enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Party!

We celebrated Anna's first birthday over the weekend with a few family and friends. She had a blast; She received a few fun outfits for fall, and also some toys. Of course the best part of the party was the cake!

Dare Devil

Anna is super adventurous. She doesn't think twice about scary stuff, instead she just does it. I am sure it will lead to a few bumps and bruises along the way! I give you Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

I love my Dad!

Visit From Papa

I had a visit from Papa last week, and we had a lot of fun together. Grammy was so sick at the thought of all of our fun without her! Sorry Grammy!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

CLT Sunday - Heat and Game

We had another early start on Sunday for a morning of tailgating before the Panthers/Bears game. (too bad the Bears lost!) It was HOT HOT HOT, about 95 degrees with a lot of humidity, but we all still enjoyed the day. We had a great tailgate with bbq chicken on a charcoal grill...it was amazing...plus lots of other yummy sides and brownies to die for! We were definitely in the JV league of tailgating though. People had all sorts of cool stuff, like tents and RV's and flags and blow up football player dolls and beer pong tables! We made it to our amazing seats (thanks to Geoff's boss who is an ex-Panther and hooked us up!) and we had a blast for the entire game. We ended the day with a quick tour around Charlotte and then dinner at Big Daddy Burgers. We finally got back to Geoff and Susan's house around 9pm that night. It was a long day but we enjoyed it so much. Thanks to the Browns for opening their home to us and welcoming us with lots of food, drink, and fun. We hope you guys had fun too, because we would like to come back soon! :)

CLT Saturday - Sun and Party

We started Saturday off early so that we could enjoy as much time as possible on Geoff and Susan's boat. They took us out on Lake Norman, and it is a HUGE lake. We found a really nice cove in the morning where we dropped anchor. There was a golf course just off shore, so we were able to float and watch the passing players. We hung out there until we were starving and then it was time for lunch at the Rusty Rudder. A quick trip across the lake, and we were eating fried pickles and great burgers and wraps for lunch. We found a second cove in the afternoon where we wasted time until we had to return home in time for Susan's surprise 30th birthday! Geoff did a great job of orchestrating the party; we had decorations, bbq, beer, cake, and a whole bunch of people waiting for us! And to top it all off, Susan was really surprised!

CLT Friday - Wine and Food

We flew into Charlotte on Friday morning. It was a quick trip to Susan and Geoff's lakeside residence, and wow, they have a great house! Can you say 700 square feet of screened in porch? It was amazing to say the least! We enjoyed a great lunch of sandwiches from a local joint. Then we were off to NC wine country...did you know that NC has a wine country? Neither did I. There were beautiful green rolling hills and the wine was delicious. It's not very often that I get to enjoy a glass of wine on a Friday afternoon along with friends. After a stop a second winery we enjoyed an incredible dinner at Harvest Grill. I should also mention that Geoff rented a HUGE van for the weekend, so we were able to roll around as a big group. Tons of fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're back

We're back and we are exhausted! Thank you so much to Geoff and Susan Brown for a GREAT weekend in Charlotte, NC. I promise I have a lot to tell you about the entire weekend, but I just don't have a ton of time right now. So be on the lookout for a few more posts soon. In other news, Anna stayed in Chicago over the weekend and when we got back she showed us that she is full on 100% walking! Holy Cats, how did that happen over the course of 3 days? Well, it did and now we are really in shock. Anna is busy busy busy! Check out her new car seat above, we'll be installing it soon. She is so ready for the bigger seat!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hanging with Lilly

Jam it in

Eating continues to be a popular 'sport' in our house. Pasta is a total favorite. She just jams it in! Hey, whatever works, right?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

All Dogs go to Heaven

I am so very sad to tell you that my dad had to put down our family dog Oscar this weekend. I have seen dad and Oscar the past few weekends, and I knew that each time I saw him...it may be my last. Still, it is hard to hear that your childhood dog has passed from this world. Dad: You are very brave and please know that you made a good decision for Oscar. I am sorry that you were alone yesterday morning. I wish that I could have been there to hold your hand, while you held Oscar's! Dad sent out a few pictures this morning along with the following note. Rest in peace good buddy, I love you.

Hello there friends and family.

An email to inform you that Oscar the wonder dog has been laid to rest.

Oscar was a great dog and lived to the ripe old age of 16.5 years..........about two zillion in dog years.

Pat and Laura have known the good old boy about as long as they can remember.

The same goes for me but my memory doesn't last too long at this point.

Oscar was still walking on a daily basis although a shorter length, only on cool days and slower.

In his youth he was known for his great leaping ability and was always happy to be around people. Most people though he was a puppy even at 16, so he was able to keep his youthful good looks.

Oscar was the kind of dog that little kids loved to come pet and that parents were not afraid of.

I must admit that not hearing him snore in his corner of the bedroom last night made for a restless sleep for me.

Those of us who knew Oscar will miss him dearly.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We attended a lovely baptism for Lindsay Forebaugh over the weekend, so now she is part of the 'holy club' with Anna. (haha) We really enjoyed our time with the Cook and Forebaugh families, thank you all for including us! There were a few little boys at the party afterwards, and they had Matchbox cars, which Anna became very interested in. We ventured out tonight and got her a few cars of her own. Matt picked out an impressive 5-pack for her which includes an Audi R8, Chevy Corvette, Ford GT, Volvo C30, and a Dodge Magnum. (shout out to Uncle Pat, are you impressed?) Anyways, we took them out of the package as soon as we got home, and she is digging them!

Into Everything

This chica is into EVERYTHING these days, plus she never stops moving unless she is sleeping. She knows how to open cabinets and drawers now...here she is going through stuff.

New tricks

Anna is loving to wave at the people as they pass on the sidewalk, it is so funny and very sweet of her. Many people often look up and wave back. We also taught her to hold up her index finger, so now when we ask her "Anna, how old are you going to be?"...she has a response!