Monday, August 31, 2009

Bump Watch

I figured it was high time I did a bump post. Since Matt's dad took this picture of me over the weekend, you have a visual and I really have no excuse!
-This pregnancy has gone by way (way way) faster than the first. Anna keeps me distracted and busy every single day. Plus we have had all things involved with our move for most of the summer.
-I am already HUGE. I swear up and down that my bump is way bigger this time around, although I have gained less weight so far...weird.
-I had forgotten about a lot of uncomfortable pregnancy related things like: hugeness, having to pee every 5 minutes, middle of the night leg cramps (ouch), not being able to see from my belly to my knees (not that I need to!), and hormones/emotions overload (ask my hubby about that one).
-Surprisingly my feet/ankles/hands have not swollen up too much yet...but I am expecting that to happen any day now.
-I have been in the final countdown for about 10 weeks already, too bad I still have 10 weeks to go. I can dream, right?


We had a great weekend in Peoria. The main focus of our trip was hanging with Matt's brother Nick and celebrating his 15th birthday. We had a wonderful time watching him play football, as he is now on the high school freshman football team. We hung out at home in the afternoon, and then went to dinner at yummy Kobe. (where they make the food right in front of you, so entertaining and so good...although Anna did not like the beginning when they set the whole cook top on fire) The second half of our weekend was spent hanging with Claudia, Mike and BobBob. For those of you who don't know, Matt's grandfather is Robert Roberts, and instead of calling him grandpa, they call him "BobBob." Anna has been calling all of her grandparents BobBob instead of the traditional grandma and grandpa, including my mom, my dad, and Matt's parents too. Well, she finally was able to spend some good quality time the real deal BobBob!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New bed

Matt and I took the plunge and purchased a KING bed for ourselves after moving into the new house. We had been sleeping on a queen that Matt has had since college graduation! It was a great bed, but it was definitely time for an upgrade. We ordered the bed frame and the mattress set right around the same time, but the frame arrived about three weeks before the mattress. It has been agony looking at the frame for such a long time without being able to use it...especially since we could really use the extra space between my growing belly, body pillow, and Lilly. We finally received the mattress last week and we have been sleeping great ever since. I am so happy to have it, and I know Matt is too! Here's Vanna...I mean Anna modeling it for us. PS. New paint, bedspread, and window treatments are next on the list for this room.

First taste

Here is Matt enjoying the first taste of his harvest this year. We were lucky enough to receive a few tomato seedlings as a gift this spring. After a long summer of growing we are finally able to enjoy our harvest. (about 20 tomatoes!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We have a very unwelcome furry guest living in our backyard. Matt first spotted the skunk about a week ago. He was standing on the front porch with Anna watching a rain storm move through the area, when low and behold, Mr. Stripe scurried across our driveway, down the fence line in the backyard towards our shed. Matt came running into the house like he had just seen a ghost! We've determined that he is either living in a pile of wood behind the shed or underneath it. Ugh! Last night after dinner we were hanging out in the backyard and Anna wandered over near the shed. Matt quickly went to collect her, and he swears up and down that he saw Mr. Stripe again! In a funny side note, he thought Anna had been skunked because her hair was wet. What he didn't know was that her and I were playing with a squirt gun just before she wandered over to the shed. (yes, I admit, I sprayed my own kid with a squirt gun) So, today we have been reading up on how to discourage Mr. Stripe from living in our backyard. Cayenne pepper, mothballs, and vinegar seem to be the answer. Matt also called our city, and we are on a wait list for a live trap. I think we are #22, and they only have 5 traps - so we might be waiting for a while on that. The good news is that they will come pick up and take away the occupied trap once the skunk has been caught. So long Stripe! I'll keep you posted.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I have been resisting the Twilight series for quite some time now... for who knows what reason. Well, I am happy to report that I am finally on board. I just finished all 500 pages of the first book in two days time - amazing - it's so good. I am super excited to start the second book this weekend. I encourage the other 'resisters' out there to give it a try!


We celebrated the life of my grandfather over the weekend with my family. We started with a gathering (party) in the very southern Chicago suburb of Crete, IL on Saturday for lunch. It was wonderful to see everyone, since I haven't seen much of the extended family in several years. It was fun to get reacquainted with second and third, I have a lot of them! The entire crew then headed up to Michigan on Saturday evening, where we settled into cottages and local hotels. Sunday was a free day to enjoy the sun and sand. We had a great family BBQ dinner, went to the LPS 'Sing' at the church, and enjoyed a beach bonfire that evening. Monday we had a really nice service, where we were all encouraged to share stories and memories about Grandpa Sam. (my Uncle Mike had the best ones about growing up!) And we finished by placing his remains in the cemetery as a group. It was really special and memorable and lovely.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Anna had a blast helping me wash my car in the driveway last weekend. The water bucket and hose and sponge kept her occupied for at least an hour...and that is FOREVER in toddler time...believe me!

Outside too

We have been so busy working on the inside of the house, but we haven't neglected the outside either. There were rows and rows of overgrown ewes surrounding the house, so big that they had grown over the sidewalks and paths. We decided it best to just rip them out and start fresh. So far Matt and my dad have removed 12 bushes (stumps and all) plus the surrounding rocks that were acting as ground cover. They have spent countless hours - good thing that July was one of the coolest on record! - prepping the ground for new plantings. The hard work is behind them and we finally were able to get some plants in the ground this weekend. The front of the house is completely transformed, and it looks great. We owe a major thank you to my dad's neighbors, the House family, for their assistance in helping us to pick out plants and formulate a plan for planting. We were so honored that they presented us with a rose bush in addition to all of their help and advice. The blooms smell SO good, and they have the loveliest pink color.


Check Spelling

Yeah - It's finally DONE. We have been enjoying the new bathroom for roughly the past week, and so far it is great. I am so glad that we decided to tackle this project right away. I just know that we will enjoy it so much and I feel like it is money well spent! We are still hanging towel bars and getting the accessories just right, but we are using it, and it's so awesome.