Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Millennium Park Fountain

Jessica took Anna to the Millennium Park fountains last week for a playdate with Jack and Bella. To say they had a blast would be an understatement! Anna is obsessed with all things water, so she was completely in her element. Matt was able to head down to the park for a few minutes while they were there, but Anna wanted nothing to do with him - she just wanted to play in the water.

Monday, April 27, 2009

More Easter Pictures

New PJs!

Post bath, post milk, ready for bed and VERY tired.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lots of News!

So - our lives are crazy right now...but a good crazy...which explains why the blog has been slacking lately! Just so much to do and so little time. We have 2 great big pieces of news!
First order of business: We are very excited to tell you all that I am pregnant. It's been really exciting to think that Anna will be a big sister this fall. When we ask her if she wants to have a sister or a brother, she says brother. And when we ask her if she wants to have a brother or a sister, she says sister. Whatever one we say last is the one she says - it's hilarious and we ask her all the time because we always get a good laugh out of her answer. I have been battling morning sickness and fatigue in a major way with this pregnancy. I had a little bit of sickness with Anna, but nothing like this. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!
Second order of business: We bought a house in the burbs! It's a great 3 bedroom brick ranch in Elmhurst. We will be within a half mile from the downtown area and the train station, so we are very happy about the location. The house does need some updating, and we will tackle some projects right away and more as we live there and figure out our priorities/wishes for the house. We are planning to close on both the city condo and the suburban house on the same day: June 10. It will be crazy, but we are really looking forward to being in a house - with a garage and a basement and a pantry and a yard and all the other good things that come with owning your own home!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with lots of family and fun. Claudia and Mike joined us on Friday afternoon and we headed out for a great dinner that evening at Oggi - an Italian restaurant in our neighborhood. The food is so good each time we go there and I think that we are really going to miss it when we move. And speaking of moving... we spent all of Saturday looking for houses. We started around 9am and didn't stop until 3pm. I think we managed to pack in over 10 homes over the course of the day! It was a lot of fun though and we got a ton of help/ideas from my dad, my mom and Mike and Claudia, since they all went looking with us. I am sure that we were quite the scene as we unloaded at each house. (Can you say clown car?) The best part of having all of those people with us was that Matt and I could really concentrate on the houses and not have to worry about Anna's whereabouts. Thank you superstar grandparents! We are getting closer to making a decision about where we want to move, and that is really exciting for us. It will be nice to know that we won't be homeless when we close on our condo in the city on June 10.

We celebrated Easter Sunday at our house. It was so nice to be home and host our parents for the holiday meal. Everyone contributed and we had an excellent meal of salmon on the grill, cheesy potato casserole, asparagus, deviled eggs, rolls, spinach salad, and bunny cake. Anna was spoiled rotten by the Easter Bunny and her grandparents! You might think it was the child's birthday or something with all of the loot she got! A sundress for this summer, new pj's, books, stuffed bunnys galore and even one bunny that dances and sings (which she loves)! As the afternoon went on the grandparents got silly. They started bribing my poor child for her attention, and she was eating it right up, literally. Jack was offering jelly beans, my mom had her chap stick out, and Claudia presented her with two servings of bunny cake! And she loved it all. A fun filled (and sugar filled) day was had by all!